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Our Team.

We're a mix of new and historic innovators, all of us deeply passionate about solving the world's critical problems through technology. We're scientists, engineers, and strategists that embrace failure as a step towards ground-breaking innovation. We are drug hunters.

Alexander Mars

Co-founder & CEO

Alex is one of few people in the world to have worked at the cutting edge in both molecular biology and fundamental AI. As a bachelors student at UNSW he developed IP for a new type of single molecule DNA sequencer that is currently being commercialised. He then switched focus to AI and researched fundamental statistical properties of neural networks with the Trustworthy machine learning group at the University of Sydney, and the limits of multi-modal models for scene understanding at the Weizmann AI Centre. At RewiredBio he combines these experiences to direct our overall strategy towards better drug discovery.

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Dr. Dominic Glover

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Dominic Glover is a world expert in protein engineering, manipulating protein structure and function for applications in nano materials, drug delivery, and enzyme scaffolding. Dominic serves as a scientific advisor for RewiredBio, specialising in drug target production.


Cameron McMenamie

Data Scientist

Dr. Peter French

Biotechnology Advisor

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James Stewart

Commercial and Strategic Advisor

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